# Create a static blog with VuePress

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VuePress (opens new window) is a powerful static website generator based on Vue.js (opens new window). It combines the use of markdown, Vue and webpack to generate pre-rendered static HTML for each page, which is executed as a SPA once Vue takes over after a page loads.

One of the key points for choosing VuePress is the variety of existing plugins, which allow you to add functionality globally. You can find a complete list of the plugins at Awesome VuePress Plugins (opens new window).

# Quick start

The easiest way to get started with the creation of our blog is to use the npm package (no installation required) create-vuepress (opens new window), which allows us to create a scaffolding of a VuePress project based on the default blog theme for VuePress (opens new window).

Step 1. Create the scaffolding of the blog

yarn create vuepress [miBlog]

# And we answer the following CLI questions:

# ? Select the boilerplate type blog

# ? What's the name of your project? My blog

# ? What's the description of your project? My blog

# ? What's your email? myblog@gmail.com

# ? What's your name? My Blog

# ? What's the repo of your project. https://github.com/myblog/myblog

cd [myBlog] && yarn

Currently, create-vuepress (opens new window) does not install the lastest version of @vuepress/theme-blog, so you need to update it manually by running yarn add @vuepress/theme-blog -D.

Step 2. Run and create

# Run localhost
yarn dev
# By default, the VuePress development server will be listening at http://localhost:8080/

# Create the blog
yarn build
# The blog files will have been generated in the `.vuepress/dist` folder.