# Why use Angular and Material Design?

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If you're asking yourself the question, Why use Angular and Material Design? I'd like to share some of the advantages of building a Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular as the client-side JavaScript framework and Angular Material as the UI-focused framework.

# Advantages of an Angular based SPA application

  • User navigation experience is improved as it allows for partial and deferred loading of page content, which enhances overall application performance.
  • It's possible to maintain multiple active versions of the application by versioning build outputs, simplifying the process of reverting to previous versions.
  • The application is easy to deploy on any static content server.
  • If needed, packages can be distributed in multiple chunks through code splitting.
  • The application can be pre-rendered on the backend using Angular Universal to make it more SEO-friendly.
  • Angular is a mature JavaScript framework that, thanks to its comprehensive structure, architecture, guidelines, and a large community, improves the productivity of the frontend development team.
  • The use of TypeScript as the programming language for Angular applications is perfect for the object-oriented approach in JavaScript.
  • Angular enables code reuse and offers the ability to create applications for the web, mobile web, native mobile, and native desktop.

# Advantages of using Material Design and Angular Material

  • Material Design is a design system created by Google for the development of user digital experiences, which comes with a comprehensive and detailed design guide for implementation.
  • Material Design is a visual language that combines classical design principles with innovative technology and science.
  • Angular Material is the implementation done by the Angular team based on the Material Design guidelines, making it seamlessly integrated with Angular.
  • Angular Material provides modern and comprehensive UI components that work across web, mobile, and desktop.
  • Angular Material is accessible and internationalizable, ensuring support for all users.
  • Angular Material has a Component Development Kit (CDK), which allows us to create our own components with a set of pre-established behaviors.
  • With Angular Material, it is possible to create custom themes based on Material Design.

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